Board Application

Full Board Nominations Announcement
We are now opening nominations for the Metaverse Standards Forum Board of Directors. The Board has a pivotal role in shaping the Forum’s success. The Full Board will be comprised of up to 19 Directors elected by and from Principal members. There will be up to 5 seats reserved for non-Large Enterprises. Any Principal member may nominate a Director to stand for this Board election, however, that member organization must have fully executed the new membership agreement and, if membership dues apply, have made payment, or issued a PO before balloting starts.

Two years, staggered with 50% (rounded down) of Directors with least votes serving an initial one-year term.

Diversity Statement
The Metaverse Standards Forum is committed to diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, technical/non-technical abilities, geographies, ages, genders, and races to ensure we live up to the value of being an inclusive organization representing all aspects of the industry.

Expectations for Directors
  • Active engagement in mission-based leadership and strategic governance
  • Attendance at monthly Board meetings
  • Participation by the Director’s member organization in at least one Forum Domain Group
Examples of relevant background for Nominees
  • Previous leadership and/or Board positions
  • Experience with collaborative, member-based organizations (e.g., SDOs, non-profits, open-source groups)
  • Knowledge and experience of Metaverse technologies and related industries
  • Relevant skillset including finance, legal, government affairs, public relations, or community experience etc.
  • Involvement with Forum activities

The Forum is accepting applications until February 12th. Those interested in nominating themselves should complete the nomination form below.

Information from submitted applications will be shared with the Forum voting membership as part of the voting process.

Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.