Board Election

Voting Overview

  • The Interim Board of Directors to serve until the first full Board election in January 2024.
  • The Interim Board will be comprised of up to 11 Directors elected by and from Principal members.
  • There will be up to 3 seats reserved for non-Large Enterprises.
  • 15% of Principals under the new agreement at the time of ballot issue must vote or abstain to achieve quorum.
  • Nominees who receive the most votes cast are elected as per bylaws.
  • Eligible Principal organizations may submit one vote. Please coordinate within your company to determine who will be voting.
  • If multiple employees from an eligible company cast votes, only one will be counted and Emily will work with those representatives to rectify any contradictory submissions.
  • Only votes received before 5pm Pacific Time on Monday, July 31st will be counted.

Diversity Statement

The Metaverse Standards Forum is committed to diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, technical/non-technical abilities, geographies, ages, genders, and races to ensure we live up to the value of being an inclusive organization representing all aspects of the industry.

Expectations for Directors

  • Active engagement in mission-based leadership and strategic governance
  • Attendance at monthly Board meetings
  • Participation by the Director’s member organization in at least one Forum Domain Group

Review All Nominees here.

Thank you to all the nominees for your willingness to help lead the Forum!

Please feel free to contact Emily Stearns with any questions.

Interim Board of Directors Election Ballot

Please choose up to eleven candidates for the eleven open Interim Board of Director positions.(Required)
You may select up to eleven candidates OR choose "None of the Above" OR "Abstain"
Review all nominees here.