English 元宇宙标准论坛,是用来促进元宇宙开放标准的开发;会员资格是免费的,并且对任何组织开放。创始成员包括:0xSenses、Academy Software Foundation、Adobe、阿里巴巴、Autodesk、Avataar、、CalConnect、Cesium、Daly Realism、Disguise、Enosema Foundation、Epic Games、Express Language Foundation、华为、宜家、Jon Peddie Research ,...

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Cesium a Founding Principal of Metaverse Standards Forum

The Metaverse Standards Forum, hosted by The Khronos Group, is an industry-wide forum to coordinate and encourage metaverse interoperability. The forum will be made up of many companies and standards organizations, such as The Khronos Group, the World Wide Web...

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