Domain Group Process

To ensure that all members can influence Forum activities, and that those activities drive projects and deliverables that meet real industry needs, the Metaverse Standards Forum has created a four-step Domain Group process:

  1. Gather input from the Forum membership on interoperability ‘Topics’ that present the biggest obstacles to an open metaverse, or offer the most significant opportunities for standardization to build business opportunities. In the first round, a broad spectrum of over 200 Topics were suggested, covering everything from technical interoperability of standardized API and formats, to metaverse ethics, privacy and education.
  2. Group related Topics into ‘Domains’ that the Forum membership votes on, creating a prioritized Domain List. So far there are over twenty Domains, with Privacy/Safety, 3D Asset Interoperability and Real/Virtual World Integration being voted to the top three spots.
  3. Any Forum member may propose Exploratory Groups to address interoperability topics in the Domains with the highest member interest. If approved, each Exploratory Group is tasked with building consensus on what pragmatic projects and activities can best progress interoperability in a particular Domain, and capturing those insights in a draft Working Group Charter. The Forum encourages Charters that identify pragmatic projects with short-term deliverables that drive well-defined interoperability benefits.
  4. Approved Working Groups execute the projects and activities in their Charter, making any deliverables publicly and openly available. Forum Working Groups prioritize projects that produce concrete outputs, including guidelines and recommendations, open-source tooling, interoperability testing results, and use case/requirement documents to assist and foster relevant Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs) in their mission to create and evolve widely adopted metaverse-relevant standards.


The Metaverse Standards Forum Domain Group Process Pipeline (Early 2023)