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Forum Announces the Formation of Interoperable Characters/Avatars Working Group

“The Interoperable Characters/Avatars group unites experts and key stakeholders to forge next-generation avatar and character translation framework for seamless character interoperability.  With our collective effort, we’re shaping an exciting future where character and avatar portability becomes second nature.”

Zeno Saviour, Working Group co-chair and Character Labs founder

Work in Progress

The Working Group is creating a high-level matrix of priority use cases, covering different industries such as metaverse, gaming, entertainment, e-learning, social media, health care, advertising, fashion, corporate, dating, travel, manufacturing, communication, robotics, and death care. Members are currently involved in sorting and prioritizing use cases to create detailed use case reports.

From the collection of reports, we will identify the common requirements across different use cases and incorporate them as part of the Avatar and Character Translation Framework and related deliverables.

Current Deliverables

Technical Topics

  • Facial Animations
  • Anchor Points
  • Physics
  • Meshes
  • Materials
  • Skeletons and Skeletal Animations
  • Optimizations
  • Metadata

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Avatar & Character Translation Framework
  • SDO Specification Requirements
  • Avatar Test Assets
  • Avatar Asset Validation Tool

Additional Resources

Guest Speaker Presentations

A number of Guest Speaker Presentations are already live on our YouTube channel.  These presentations provide an insight into the issues and user case studies that this group is seeking to address.  We will continue to add more as we continue to host more speaker sessions.

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The Forum and this Working Group are open to any organization that wishes to join.  There are two tiers of Forum membership – Participants join the Forum for free and have access to all plenary meetings and Working Groups while Principals play a key role in Forum oversight and have voting rights.

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Working Group Chairs

Metaverse Standards Form working groups address the interoperability challenges and opportunities that are vital to the driving the open metaverse.  These working groups are led by our volunteer chairs who give their time to help coordinate and drive discussions with members of the group. 

 Priscilla Angelique

Priscilla Angelique

Working Group Chair

Hideaki Eguchi

Hideaki Eguchi

Working Group Chair

Zeno Saviour

Zeno Saviour

Working Group Chair

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