Introduction to 3D Asset Interoperability Working Group

In order to create an open and fair metaverse that encourages innovation, access, and community-driven development, the use of open standards is crucial. These standards enable interoperability and ensure that the metaverse is developed in a way that is reflective of the diverse needs and perspectives of its users, promoting inclusivity and equity. By embracing open standards, the metaverse can become a more inclusive and equitable space for all.

Our group’s objective is to encourage Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), commercial vendors, and leaders of open source projects to incorporate compatible designs/recipes that allow for lossless conversion of 3D data, thereby promoting interoperability. To achieve this goal, we follow a particular approach of identifying important stakeholders in each sector, building a consensus on what is ready to be standardized/canonized/commoditized, and proposing a joint solution that can be adopted by all parties involved.

As part of our efforts to promote interoperability in virtual worlds, we are pushing for the adoption of a standard for scene layering and compositing, which we consider a crucial foundation. Our primary goal is to enable lossless conversion between various formats, which would result in a universal and portable authoring representation of interactive experiences. Additionally, we will explore methods to simplify the creation of platform-specific, optimized runtime data for multiple target platforms and targets using a single authoring representation.