Introduction to Metaverse Standards Register Working Group


The Standards Register Working Group is responsible for the development of the following MSF products:

  • MSF Standards Register,
  • MSF Glossary, and
  • MSF Use Case Register.

Work in Progress

The Standards Register Working Group is developing the above products using Web tools such as GitHub and Google Forms, and bespoke implementations of other tools. The group has five task forces (TF):

  • Control Body
  • User Experience TF
  • Outreach TF
  • Glossary TF
  • Use Case Register TF

Current Deliverables

The Metaverse Standards Register (MSR) is a publicly-accessible, searchable register of all pre-qualified organizations and groups (POGs) and any standards-related publications and projects (SPPs) relevant to Metaverse interoperability, including but not limited to formal and informal standards organizations, emerging, completed and adopted standards, standardization projects, specifications, guidelines, or open source projects.

The ultimate goals of the Metaverse Standards Register (MSR) are to:

  • Make it easy(ier) for developers and users (the “ecosystem”) to identify existing or adopted standards, standardization projects, specifications, guidelines or open source projects that accelerate interoperability, and
  • Make it clear to members of the MSF, the Standards Development Organizations (and the community at large) where there are gaps that need (or could) be filled with future projects or standards.

The Standards Register WG will not develop requirements for new standards. It is the role of other Working Groups (WGs) or Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), to develop any interoperability requirements that are not well addressed.

Metaverse Standards Glossary

The Metaverse Standards Glossary is a collaboratively developed and managed collection of terms (concepts) and definitions, acronyms and abbreviated terms, including but not limited to those used in the MSR to describe pre-qualified organizations and groups and standards, related publications, or projects pertinent to Metaverse interoperability.

The Metaverse Standards Glossary is under development in the open using GitHub issues. If you wish to view the current status, you may access the Glossary GitHub repository here.

To suggest a term or a definition for the Metaverse Standards Glossary, please create a new issue on this repository (only accessible by MSF members). The title of the issue should begin with “New Term” and then a colon and the term about which the issue focuses.

Metaverse Standards Use-Case Register

The Standards Register Working Group is dedicated to creating and maintaining a comprehensive repository of Metaverse-related use cases, a valuable collection that will drive efforts towards Metaverse interoperability within the Metaverse Standards Forum. Utilizing web-based tools and processes, the group ensures transparency, accuracy, and timely maintenance in handling all inputs and feedback. This Use Case Register is an open, collaborative initiative that runs parallel to the Metaverse Standards Registry and the Glossary, remaining dynamically updated. To standardize use case collection and documentation, the MSR WG has developed a Use-Case template. Metadata accompanies use cases uniformly, facilitating domain-specific identification for interoperability needs and rapid searches. The group is also working on processes for determining use case acceptance, completion, and publication. Notably, submitted use cases may not initially be complete; the Standards Registry working group, in conjunction with other domain working groups if necessary, will finalize use cases before publication. Additionally, external use cases may be adopted either wholly or in part, and appropriately referenced within MSF’s framework to avoid duplicating prior work.

Creating a Use-Case Register within the Metaverse Standards Forum serves several important purposes:

  • Unifying Efforts: A centralized repository for use-cases will allow all MSF working groups, organizations and developers to access and review existing use-cases, fostering collaboration and avoiding duplication of efforts.
  • Providing Framework: Establishing a common template for documenting use-cases within the MSF will promote consistency and clarity.
  • Enhancing Interoperability: By collecting use-cases from various domains, the MSF can identify common patterns, challenges, and requirements.
  • Leveraging Existing Expertise: There are numerous SDOs and external WGs that have already documented use-cases relevant to the Metaverse which can be incorporated into the MSF Use-Case Register


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