Introduction to Metaverse Standards Register Working Group and its projects

The Metaverse Standards Register WG is the first domain working group of the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF, or the Forum). It follows the processes and policies of the MSF.

The WG’s focus is to develop and maintain the Metaverse Standards Register and Glossary. For more details, read the WG charter here.

Metaverse Standards Register

The Metaverse Standards Register (MSR) is a publicly-accessible, searchable register of all pre-qualified organizations and groups (POGs) and any standards-related publications and projects (SPPs) relevant to Metaverse interoperability, including but not limited to formal and informal standards organizations, emerging, completed and adopted standards, standardization projects, specifications, guidelines, or open source projects.

The two ultimate goals of the Metaverse Standards Register (MSR) are to:

  • Make it easy(ier) for developers and users (the “ecosystem”) to identify existing or adopted standards, standardization projects, specifications, guidelines or open source projects that accelerate interoperability, and
  • Make it clear to members of the MSF, the Standards Development Organizations (and the community at large) where there are gaps that need (or could) be filled with future projects or standards.

The Standards Register WG will not develop requirements for new standards. It is the role of other Working Groups (WGs) or Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), to develop any interoperability requirements that are not well addressed.

Metaverse Standards Glossary

The Metaverse Standards Glossary is a collaboratively developed and managed collection of terms (concepts) and definitions, acronyms and abbreviated terms, including but not limited to those used in the MSR to describe pre-qualified organizations and groups and standards, related publications, or projects pertinent to Metaverse interoperability.

The Metaverse Standards Glossary is under development in the open using GitHUb issues. If you wish to view the current status, you may access the Glossary GitHub repository here.

To suggest a term or a definition for the Metaverse Standards Glossary, please create a new issue on this repository (only accessible by MSF members). The title of the issue should begin with “New Term” and then a colon and the term about which the issue focuses.

Get Involved

The MSF is open to all eligible organizations. It is not open to individual members at this time.

Any employee of an MSF member organization can use the member portal to join the Standards Register WG by selecting this working group from the menu in the top left-hand corner of the page.

There are several platforms for asynchronous communication between WG co-chairs and between WG members. These include the member portal mailing list, GitHub repositories, Google Documents and Discord.

In addition, for discussions and decisions, the MSR WG conducts meetings approximately twice per month. The meetings are scheduled at least two weeks in advance via the member portal calendar function. Any MSF member can attend the WG meetings.

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