How the Metaverse Standards Register Works

The Metaverse Standards Register is a publicly accessible database of organizations, publications, and projects related to metaverse interoperability maintained by the Standards Register Working Group of the Metaverse Standards Forum. To ensure accuracy and relevance, data in the Register is provided and maintained by qualified standards-related organizations.

All organizations engaged in metaverse-related standardization activities are warmly invited to apply for upload access to the Metaverse Register to gain visibility and drive adoption for their work.

Eligible organizations will be a non-profit or for-profit legal entity, with one or more metaverse standards-related specifications, policies, recommendations, or open-source project work products developed and publicly released under a formal or informal open collaborative process. Corporate entities developing proprietary technologies would typically not qualify.

 The Metaverse Standard Register Process

How to apply to the Metaverse Standards Register

Step 1. Apply for your organization’s upload access
An authorized representative should submit your organization’s information online. This information will be reviewed and approved by the Standards Register Working Group once any questions are resolved and your organization is confirmed to be producing standards-related work products under an open, collaborative process.

Once approved, your organization’s information will be uploaded to the public Register and your organization’s representatives are encouraged to submit information about your standard-related publications and projects.

Step 2. Submit information about your organization’s standard-related publications and projects
The designated representatives of approved organizations are enabled to upload and update information about their organization and standard-related publications and projects. The Register Working Group will review any submissions for appropriateness and consistency, working with the representatives as necessary, before uploading them to the public Register.

All Information submitted in this to the Metaverse Standards Register should be non-confidential and will be used solely for the purposes stated above. Feedback about the Register and associated process may be emailed to the [email protected] or join our Discord channel.