Happy Birthday, Metaverse Standards Forum!

Jul 31, 2023

Metaverse Standards Forum Anniversary Graphic

With over 2,500 members and multiple active Working and Exploratory Domain Groups focused on driving pragmatic interoperability advances, the mission of the Metaverse Standards Forum to promote cooperation and enable metaverse-related interoperability continues.

Congratulations to all of our members for helping to create such an impactful community. Looking back at what has been accomplished in just a year is remarkable because of our strong membership.

Big Metaverse Milestones:

  • Effectively organized ourselves with Domain Group processes to gather member-wide input and build consensus to prioritize the 200+ submitted domain topics
  • Built a strong and active Domain Group Pipeline with five approved Domain Working Groups:
    • 3D Asset Interoperability using USD and glTF: Working for alignment and cooperation between USD and glTF file formats to increase synergy and reduce duplication of efforts and industry confusion.
    • Digital Asset Management: Exploring the standards landscape relating to the protection of digital rights, portability, access, availability, and other areas impacting the management of digital virtual assets.
    • Network Requirements and Capabilities: Collecting use cases and related requirements for network capabilities to support metaverse applications, e.g. latency, jitter, throughput, and time synchronization.
    • Real/Virtual World Integration: Defining constructs to describe and integrate the physical world and created (digital) representations.
    • Standards Register: Building a public Database, or Register, mapping the landscape of metaverse-related standardization activities and open standards.
  • And five additional Exploratory Groups:
    • 3D Web Interoperability: Build consensus and draft a proposed Metaverse Standards Forum Domain Working Group Charter for 3D Web Interoperability. Learn more (pdf)
    • Digital Fashion Wearables for Avatars: Generate insights and interoperability on Digital Fashion including clothing (with a layering system), shoes, hats, and accessories. Learn more (pdf)
    • Interoperable Characters/Avatars: Identify and prioritize use cases for character/avatar interoperability across multiple industries. Learn more (pdf)
    • Privacy, Cybersecurity & Identity: Deliver recommendations for responsible innovation that mitigates human and societal harm from objective and subjective privacy risks. Learn more (pdf)
    • Technical Interoperability and End-User Troubleshooting: Provide guidance to the industry to help enable proper troubleshooting in case of errors. Learn more (pdf)
  • Built a steady list of new Exploratory Group topic proposals and a number of Exploratory Group topics currently seeking additional proposers and input:
    • Ownership and Identity in the Metaverse
    • Accessibility in the Metaverse
    • Best Practices for Living and Working in the Metaverse
    • Academia and Research
    • Ethical principles for the metaverse and their implementation
    • Industrial Metaverse Interoperability

These Domain Groups are meeting regularly to address actionable interoperability challenges and opportunities in multiple Domains that are vital to the metaverse.

We also promoted the Metaverse Standards Forum’s mission at dozens of international events and will soon launch our first formal deliverable from our Metaverse Standards Registry Domain Group.

Finally, we Incorporated as a member-funded, independent non-profit industry consortium.

It is exciting to see how the Forum continues to have a meaningful impact toward an open and inclusive Metaverse.

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