Metaverse Standards Forum Enters Liaison Agreement with OMA3

Jul 24, 2023

In the spirit of cooperation to expand metaverse interoperability, the Metaverse Standards Forum and OMA3 (Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3) have entered into a liaison agreement to encourage and enable deeper mutual member engagement across both organizations. Under the terms of the liaison, current Forum members can now participate in OMA3 working group meetings, including the newly announced Inter-World Portaling System (IWPS) project, at no charge by executing OMA3’s Participation Agreement.

The two organizations already have a close and productive relationship. OMA3 has been a Forum member since October 2022 and, as a Principal Member, can participate in Forum governance meetings as well as Domain Group meetings. And now, under this liaison, the Forum will also engage with OMA3 as a Participant.

“Since inception, the Metaverse Standards Forum and OMA3 have been on similar paths with our collective membership working on complementary efforts toward synchronicity of requirements and standards to solve metaverse interoperability challenges through a shared vision of collaboration and coordination,” says Metaverse Standards Forum President, Neil Trevett. “OMA3’s deep Web3 platform creator representation and commitment to open and interoperable communities and platforms make them an ideal liaison for the Forum.”

OMA3 recently released the (IWPS) project and position paper aimed at allowing users to travel between platforms such as Alien Worlds, Sandbox, Superworld, My Neighbor Alice, and Upland. The goal is to build more physical connectivity and accelerate the pace of economic growth. With the new liaison agreement in place, Metaverse Standards Forum members are encouraged to participate in the work on the IWPS spec.

“We are very excited about the Liaison Agreement with the Metaverse Standards Forum. Working together and providing each other with actionable insights will contribute to the advancement of interoperability,” says Dirk Lueth, Co-founder and Chairperson of OMA3. “Increased cooperation will undeniably catalyze positive developments across many areas. Together, we are creating a shared vision for comprehensive standards, promising a resilient and optimized future for the open metaverse.”

Encouraging Joint Membership

Since its founding in mid-2022, The Metaverse Standards Forum has fostered an unprecedented level of regular, open dialogue among the standards development community and wider industry by providing a neutral venue for cooperative, pragmatic projects—creating new business opportunities with every interoperability challenge that is resolved along the road to an open and equitable metaverse.

All members of OMA3, along with any organization that wishes to leverage the Metaverse Standards Forum’s broad membership to gather diverse industry requirements and insights, and widely promote their interoperability efforts, are warmly invited to join the Forum. Although we can’t know precisely what form the metaverse is going to take, it will be far better if we build it together.