Metaverse Standards Forum Launches Metaverse Standards Register

Sep 25, 2023

An open database of organizations, publications, and projects related to Metaverse interoperability,  all organizations working on Metaverse-related standardization are invited to apply to be included.

Adhering to the goal of creating a venue where leading standards development organizations and companies can come together to cooperate for an open Metaverse, the Metaverse Standards Forum has launched the initial Metaverse Standards Register, a publicly accessible database of organizations developing interoperability specifications related to the Metaverse.

The Metaverse Standards Register will enable standardization groups, and those who wish to use interoperability standards, to quickly explore where best to focus their efforts to further the goal of maximizing interoperability across the Metaverse ecosystem.

In its second phase, the Register will map the landscape of Metaverse-related standardization activities, specifications, and publications to enable navigation and analysis of the ecosystem of standardization activities relevant to building an open Metaverse—enabling the identification of synergies, interfaces, connections and potential gaps in the standardization landscape.

Any user can search, filter and sort the Register to more easily identify Metaverse standardization initiatives and related auxiliary information. In addition to supporting the browsing and searching of the Forum Metaverse interoperability data set, the Register will provide public web-based interfaces for Standards Development Organizations to upload and update their activities.

All organizations working on Metaverse-related standardization are invited to apply. Eligible organizations have one or more Metaverse standards-related specifications, policies, recommendations, or open-source project work products developed and publicly released under a formal or informal open collaborative process.

In phase one, more than 64 organizations have either joined the Standards Register Domain Group to contribute, or are candidates that have applied and are being approved for upload access.

The Metaverse Standards Register Process

If your organization engages in Metaverse-related standardization activities and is not yet listed in the Register, you are invited to apply for qualification, so your organization may upload to the Register to gain visibility and drive adoption for your work.

Once an organization is qualified and displayed in the Register, designated representatives can upload data on publications and projects for review by the Register Working Group and upload to the Register, with the goal of accumulating a comprehensive and up to date database of standards and specifications, policies, recommendations, guidelines, and open-source software related to Metaverse interoperability.

In addition, a comprehensive Metaverse Standards Glossary is under development by the Standards Register Working Group. The glossary will feature a collection of terms (concepts) and definitions, acronyms, and abbreviated terms, including but not limited to those used in the Register.

Finally, the Standards Register Working Group has recently expanded its charter to develop and curate a third deliverable:  the Metaverse Use Cases Register, a comprehensive, open, inclusive and searchable database of Metaverse use cases identified and curated by the Forum.

If your organization is engaged with developing or using standards to help build an open Metaverse, please contribute to the Register and join the Metaverse Standards Forum to help us build this invaluable tool for the entire industry to use!